LandSpeed Louise scores 3 “podium” finishes at 2012 AARWBA journalism competition


Rex Svoboda after a high speed run on Bonneville Salt Flats









Hours before  the running of the 2013 Indy 500, the All American Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association | AARWBA announced that “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth came away with three “podium” finishes for its 2012  motorsports journalism competition. The trackside awards breakfast held May 25, 2013 revealed Noeth scored a pair of first place and a third place for writing and photography all focused on land speed racing.

“From the Demonizers to Humanizers,” Goodguys Gazette, January 2012 / Fuel For Thought column

“Missoula Mile Man,” China Auto Pictorial, July 2012  / Photo of land speed racer Rex Svoboda in feature article

“Speed King of Queens,”, October 2012 / Photo of land speed record-setter Eric Ritter

“It’s a sweet way to start the day,” said a delighted Noeth, “Land speed racing counts a few Indy champs among its ranks so it’s nice to get the nod at this great track. I am particularly pleased the judges recognized the enormous import of positive change demonstrated by the FIA towards the land speed racing community. I tip my pen and click the shutter on behalf of all those daring folks who seek big speed.”

Eric Ritter in the Vesco family streamliner on the Bonneville Salt Flats










All judging was essentially “blind,” where all credit lines had been removed, except in the Book, Racing Website, and Podcast/Webcast categories. Judges had the option to not make awards if they felt they were not warranted.

Photography Judge: Prof. Emeritus Susan Fleck, Pulliam School of Journalism, Franklin College

Magazine Column Writing – Prof. Emeritus Jerry Miller, Pulliam School of Journalism, Franklin College

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