Louise Ann Noeth, a.k.a. "Landspeed Louise," has been a motor-head speed freak all her life. Her award-winning investigative, technical and feature writing, graphic design and photography have been published around the world. Recognized and respected for her storyteller perspective in her entertaining "Fuel For Thought" column, she was the first female editor of HOT ROD Industry News and HOT ROD Hotline at Petersen Publishing Company, where she also assisted in developing the HOT ROD and CAR CRAFT Nationals. A publicist for racing teams, entertainers and corporations through LandSpeed Productions, her clients have included Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America World Speed Record Team, General Motors and Jeana Yeager of Voyager aviation fame. As a public speaker, Ms. Noeth has delighted and educated audiences on a variety of topics, including the World Land Speed Record, the history of land speed racing, fine art photography, tall ships, Italian art and architecture, Indonesia and Russian River Rafting in Siberia. Ms. Noeth toured as a professional auto racer, campaigning a jet dragster. As one of few women auto writers/racers in America, she has served on several auto industry technical committees for tires, suspension and emission controls. She has participated in regulatory discussions at the national level, which resulted in administrative policy changes. Ms. Noeth's art and photography have been exhibited on "The Late Show with David Letterman," and at many museums, schools and galleries. Her journalism and photography has garnered numerous awards from peer-judged journalism competitions and she is recognized historian on several motorsports subjects. Comfortable and competent behind the wheel of any car or truck, or on a motorcycle, she is also licensed airplane pilot, blue-water sailor, white-water rafter and occasional wing-walker. Ms. Noeth is a founding member of the Motor Press Guild currently serving as an Officer on the Board of Directors and former officer of the International Motor Press Association.

Recognition For the Effort

When journalists finish a piece of work there is a sense of relief, to be done and to have accomplished something that will be of value to others. how many others is always a mystery. When the work is published there is a small bit of pride seeing the work placed into the public forum. When readers respond — with praise or criticism, it is bonus, a chance to take a measurement of value, worth and direction. The big leap is entering the work into competition. Peer review can be as merciless and stinging as it is uplifting and rewarding. …

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Land Speed Racing in the Midwest

Back in California I had the happy duty to volunteer as a judge and speaker for a variety of camera clubs, county fair photo competitions and school events.  Moving to the St. Louis area, it was starting from scratch in terms of local “tribal knowledge” and I’ve come to adore my GPS  like Lewis and Clark must have loved their compass. It takes awhile to immerse ones self in the local culture. A few months ago I read a news item on an exhibition by the St. Louis Camera Club and gave them a ring to see if I might …

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I spent the morning and half the afternoon listening to America’s brain trust talk about how they were making tomorrow better by working out today’s problems in federal laboratories all across the country. This was the annual meeting of the Federal Laboratory Consortium whose organizers had asked me to give the keynote luncheon presentation on land speed racing. As a mere high school graduate who only got college education by sneaking into classes at the Illinois Institute of Technology, impressed doesn’t begin to explain my thoughts about hanging out some of the best brains on the planet, but let’s just …



BURBANK, Calif. – The 2009 All-America Auto Racing Team has been chosen by the nation’s motorsports press with a surprise and a shocker coming out of the final totals. Just two drivers are contenders this year for the Jerry Titus Award — the team’s Driver of the Year, both of them dominating the vote in their category. One is not all unexpected but the other is a high surprise and they stand just two votes apart in the final tally. Who those two are is not revealed until the All-America ceremonies in Brownsburg, Ind., on Jan. 16 but they will …



The Southern California Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians announced the winner of the 2009 James Valentine Memorial Award is “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth, Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette columnist and author of Bonneville Salt Flats. The award for periodicals is granted for Excellence in Automotive Historical Research was presented for her October 2008 column “The Science of Speed” “The thing which impressed me about the article,” explained Chapter Director Bob Ewing, “was the importance of the physical records. Lots of people have anecdotes to relate about who did what and when, but to have actual physical evidence of the event …