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EPA trying to destroy race cars with RPM Act. . . Again!

LandSpeed Louise Comments: American motorsports is under attack again! If the RPM Act does not pass the US Senate every car pictured here – and thousands more –  will  become illegal and subject to federal prosecution.  SEMA worked for years sorting out details for strong pollution controls and compliance testing on street vehicles as well what applied to those converted to race-only. It all went well for decades and then, without any precipitating event, the EPA changed it mind any decided ANY vehicle built for the street CAN NEVER BE ALTERED for racing without violating FEDERAL LAW!  How the interpretation changed is a …

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Chasing Vintage Sports Cars at COTA

Because  Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s Tony Parella and Pam Shatraw saw fit to provide me with “All Access” credentials for the U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship November 2-6, 2016, me and my cameras had a fine ‘ole time capturing images of a segment of motorsports from whence I have been absent for years and years. Big long sentence, eh? So how about I just show you and stop talking, eh? Click on an image to get a better look. . . Forgive the amateur hour layout, I am clueless about making the coding bend to my will. New template is …

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