20th International Automotive Media Awards

“Fuel for Thought”

Published in Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette

Gold to Louise Ann Noeth



The 20th International Automotive Media Competition concluded June 20, 2011, with the presentation of the 2010 International Automotive Media Awards (IAMAs). The event was held at the Automotive Hall of Fame, Dearborn, Michigan, in conjunction with the North American Concept Vehicles Awards. This was the fourth year of the combined awards program: IAMAs and NA Concept Vehicle Awards. The program and the venue received numerous compliments.

The International Automotive Media Competition, a function of the International Society for Vehicle Preservation, is a peer-judged awards program to recognize excellence in all forms of automotive media. Judging of entries for this year’s IAMA honors was conducted among works presented during calendar-year 2010. The competition recognizes work done in print, online, video, radio, and public relations or marketing campaigns. Gold, silver, and bronze “foundation” awards are the result of peer judging against an absolute 100-point standard. For example, Gold medal entries earned between 97-100 points in the competition. Each work is judged on its own merits against a scale. Entries must meet a minimum standard to qualify for an award. If no entry in a category meets the minimum standard, no award is given. The entries do not compete each other and are only judged by the quality of the work. Some categories have multiple winners of the same award while other categories might not have a winner even though entries were submitted. Simply entering work in a category does not guarantee an award or that the entry will even be recognized.The IAMA program is administered by the International Society for Vehicle Preservation, based in Tucson, Arizona.

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