CBS National News Coverage for Bonneville Salt Flats

“Save The Salt”, the volunteer land speed racing group formed to protect the famed international speedway, recently hosted a CBS Network News crew at the Bonneville Salt Flats – at least what is left of it. . . For those who missed the live broadcast, the show is available using the hot link below. The Bonneville segment is just over eight minutes in length. CBS NEWS: Debate Rages Over the Future of the Bonneville Salt Flats On Saturday, October 5th, 2019, CBS This Morning aired a report on conditions at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The CBS network news crew spent …

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The Art of Racing in the Rain | Film Review

If you want to see tire screeching, big-screen heart-thumping race car battling go see something else. This ain’t it. What you’ll get from this film is a splendid, honest portrayal of Garth Stein’s book that explains – in the most believable way – precisely what motorized competition is all about. And it ain’t sponsorship. Here, direct from the thoughtful, passionate, discerning mind of a dog, the audience learns what it takes to be a winner on the race track. Any race track. There is a refreshing lack of razzle bedazzle Hollywood crazy stunt driving. In fact, the many multimillion dollar …

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LandSpeed Louise on Cars Yeah! Have a listen. . .

The nation’s finest natural racetrack is in peril. Learn why motorsports worldwide can thank the Bureau of Land Management for decades of mind-blowing mismanagement of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

International Woman’s Day at the Larz Anderson Museum

There came a surprising, unexpected phone call early this year, It was an invitation to join four other women in celebration of the International Day of the Woman. The ladies all work in the automotive and motorsports industry and all that was expected of us was to talk about our daily lives, each a different journey in male-dominated professions. I’m ready at the drop of a pin to talk up land speed racing, but jabber on about myself? Not so much. It was the same for the other gals as well. Not a mantle we easily picked to carry. This …

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The Gee Whiz Wonder of Salt Virgins

Age is superfluous at Bonneville. Young or old, it is all the same: wide-eyed wonder of a regal place constantly swirled with a riot of color, cackling thunder ripping out of homebuilt metal magic and the indescribable feeling of being so incredibly lucky to be there, to take part, to bear witness to the heart of motorsport still so pure and so welcoming.

You marvel that it exists at all.

That’s what coming to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the first time does to most everyone. It doesn’t matter what you might have read, heard, been told or watched, the real deal is a gargantuan knockout. Some freely admit this while others pretend not to be affected.

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