The Demon’s Dozen

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 George Poteet, owner of the Speed Demon streamliner, commissioned “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth  to chronicle the 2012 racing season of the land speed racing team whose dedicated work allowed Poteet to drive in excess of 400MPH a dozen times during two speed meets on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The timed runs on the surveyed course resulted in the certification of 1 National and 2 World Land Speed Records. This unprecedented achievement surpasses the remarkable speed demonstration by Californian Al Teague driving his Spirit of 76 streamliner in excess of 400MPH eight times in one season.

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Hours of  personal interview time with Poteet were combined with Noeth’s historical archive reference materials as well as that of the team to write the text, select photographs and collect appropriate descriptive art before designing the  cover as well producing the complete print-ready layout in a record 43 days.

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The limited print production run included 22 personalized editions, one for each member of the Speed Demon Racing Team that was comprised of a dedicated photo page and a biographical page for each respective team member.


Poteet’s goal for the project was to herald each team’s member’s role on the team and added his personal  observation emphasizing his appreciation for their well-focused work. 

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Speed Demon team member Betty Howard was a critical liaison partner in the project providing, in addition to her exceptional interpersonal skills and dozens of snapshots used in the book.

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