USAFA Racing Team

usafa-sae-teamThis fall I was delighted tousafa-sae be invited to speak to the United States Air Force Racing Team at the Colorado Springs Academy. I brought a presentation that gave the cadets a serious historical to present day look at land speed racing using my own photography, as well as a number of evocative vintage views going back to the 1st race in 1914.  The idea was to expose them to a segment of motorsports where free-thinking gives rise to fresh ideas and new ways to solve problems — all tempered with unshakeable sense of purpose where the power of a given idea can only end where it reaches frutiion.

A little while later, this letter and photos arrived.

Click on each letter to read what they shared. The other letter was in response to my previous lectures at the Academy that resulted in a Creative Research & Development Agreement between my company, LandSpeed Productions and the USAFA.  Together we — the cadet, faculty , land speed racers completed nearly 30 projects that made racers faster and safer out on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

My favorite take away is the feathered crew member in the team shot! After any visit, there is always a sustained “high” from hanging with a gang of America’s finest who live over-achieving on a daily basis.  I’ll continue to go back as long as they keep inviting me!usafa-ltr-buckley